Our Story

At Kocolabs, we want to help everyone discover the benefits of K-beauty.  We seek out the most innovative skincare products coming out of Korea for our collection, while keeping everybody’s needs in mind.

In Korea, skincare is a way of life and an integral part of the daily routine.  Koreans believe that taking care of your skin is a vital part of improving your overall well-being.  Regardless of your age or gender, this skincare philosophy is held by everyone.  It is perhaps this fervor for skincare that has led the Korean cosmetics industry to develop into the global powerhouse that it is in the beauty world today.   

Our team, based in New York City, saw a stark contrast in how K-beauty is perceived in Korea versus other parts of the world.  We found that the online K-beauty buying experience could be intimidating for certain ages and demographics, so we started a company that instills a skincare philosophy more similar to what we found in Korea.  With our diverse selection of amazing products for every age and gender, Kocolabs is the inclusive K-beauty brand.  Self-care isn’t a concept that should be reserved for one specific demographic.  We launched Kocolabs because K-beauty is truly for everyone.