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Our Story

Kocolabs is here to introduce the newest and most effective cosmetics brands from Korea to the US. While spending time in Seoul, our team got a firsthand look at the skincare and beauty culture that is embraced by everyone there, no matter age or gender. What we found was that skincare was important to them on a deeper level than appearance. They believe that skincare plays a vital role in your overall health, and that it should absolutely be an integral part of anyone’s daily routine. Freshly inspired, we discovered the joy in taking care of our skin and never looked back.


Our inspiration to start Kocolabs was because we wanted to create a store that we would want to shop at. We found that shopping for the products we loved in Seoul wasn’t as easy or appealing to us here in the USA. Kocolabs is an easy to navigate online k-beauty shopping destination that educates our community with approachable, bite-sized skincare tips and guidance. Our main takeaway from k-beauty is that skincare should be fun and appeal to all. We want you to embrace your natural beauty, and find the joy of feeling good about your skin like we did, no matter where you’re from or what you’re about. We’re here to create an inclusive community that uses self-care to inspire self-confidence. 


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